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Candy Floss

Candy Floss is a popular choice for all types of events.


The fluffy pink candy reminds all of us of happy childhood memories.  We always provide fully trained staff to host our candy floss machines.


Popcorn is a lovely light snack for any of your guests.

One of our professional experienced staff manage our popcorn machine and host your guests. We provide all kinds of flavours including sweet and salty popcorn.

Sweet Displays

We create sweet displays filled with sweets, chocolates and classics. We select these items depending on your theme. Your guests will love your very own creative candy shop which we create in many different ways.

You can also spoil your guests with sweet treats with our bespoke sweet carts.

We create all types of sweet displays for special days like weddings to present your guests with the perfect treat. We also provide sweet bags so your guests can take sweets home with them.

Dessert Displays

Dessert displays allow an easy way for guests to satisfy their sweet tooth.

We create a variety of displays filled with biscuits, cupcakes and classic desserts. We select items reflecting your theme.

Your guests will love your very own creative dessert shop.

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